Onchain Asset Publishing Protocol

A tailored on-chain bridge between premium web3 projects and focused-engaged-hyped audience


Catia APEverse
(Asset Publishing Events)

First-of-it-kind Asset Publishing Protocol

Your gateway to S-tier Web3 projects starts here, with exclusive on-chain access found nowhere else.

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Catia Eduverse

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Rigorous assessment and selection

Concentrate solely on premier projects that are meant to be significant parts of web3 history

Enhanced Fairness & Transparency

Enable on-chain, transparent, and verifiable operations, adhering to predefined rules

Well-targeted participants

Empower projects to reach a wide range of targeted audiences filtered through effective tools

DeFi Enablement

Allow users to transfer or exchange allocations and unvested tokens as NFTs on marketplaces

Inventive Architecture

Foster a composable protocol-style design for efficient integration with systems and applications

Seamless UX

Prioritize user-centric design, offering inspiring and simple yet effective dashboards, graphs, filters, and reports

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